Dutch National Center of Expertise on Dual Disorders

Dutch National Center of Expertise on Dual Disorders

The combination of addiction and a psychiatric disorder, better known as dual diagnosis or dual disorder, requires a specific, integrated treatment approach; this treatment approach is preferably conducted by a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals. The Dutch National Center of Expertise on Dual Disorders was established to help institutions with this process through sharing knowledge and developing methodologies, as well as by offering practical support and guidance.

The Center is a collaboration of the Trimbos Institute and five mental health institutions: Mentrum (part of Arkin), GGzE,  the Kempen, Palier (Parnassia Bavo Group), and Delta Psychiatric Centre. The Dutch National Center of Expertise on Dual Disorders provides expertise in the form of training, education, coaching, and advice.

Please contact Anneke van Wamel for more information.

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