Monitoring, research, education, prevention and policy

Drug use, the health and social consequences of drug use, and drug markets are constantly changing. We tracks these changes closely through various monitoring systems and research programs. This work contributes to the prevention of drug use and the reduction of drug-related problems by developing, implementing and evaluating national drug policies, preventing and sharing knowledge and expertise with healthcare professionals and the general public. In addition, we offer governments and policymakers the data they need to develop informed drug strategies. 

"Our mission is to have impact on mental health and wellbeing. The Trimbos Institute shares knowledge with partners in the Netherlands and abroad. We engage in the development and application of knowledge about addictions and associated physical illnesses. We develop (digital) prevention programs, we monitor the use of substances and inform policymakers, professionals, users and general public on the basis of scientific evidence. "

Meet our people

Together with a diverse and dedicated team (Drug Monitoring & Policy) we work on a variety of drug use and/or misuse projects and programs. Our expertise ranges from epidemiologists, toxicologists to harm reducation specialists, intervention developers and policy experts. All with the aim of contributing to the prevention of drug use and the reduction of drug-related problems.

Meet our people