Training & Capacity Building

Training and capacity building of staff members is one of the strategic priorities of the Trimbos Institute. Experts at Trimbos provide training for professionals and for the general public, while sharing knowledge with research partners and the academic community as a whole. 


The Trimbos Institute strives to provide training and professional development resources to a wide range of groups, such as professionals in mental health and addiction, primary care practice nurses, law enforcement officials, and staff in local authorities, schools, and social welfare. This training is offered though summer schools, educational materials and manuals, online training modules, in-company trainings, and in-person training sessions at Trimbos.

Health education

Educators from the Trimbos Institute take pride in improving the health and well-being of the public through education about mental health problems, substance use and abuse, and addiction. Education takes the form of health education campaigns, media outreach, public information websites, telephone support services, and reports and policy statements. Education and communication specialists from Trimbos work to meet the diverse information and awareness needs of many different segments of the Dutch population, including parents, adolescents, caregivers, those with developmental delays or disorders, and those from different cultural backgrounds. Educational materials, techniques, and strategies are kept up-to-date and are influenced by the latest research findings and advances in technology.

Academic community

Researchers and experts from the Trimbos Institute are actively engaged in furthering academic debates and knowledge. Researchers from Trimbos publish papers in peer-reviewed journals, attend international conferences in mental health and addiction, and document research findings in white papers and reports.