Reliable data is essential for developing, implementing, and monitoring mental health and addiction programs. The Trimbos Institute conducts (longitudinal) research and monitoring studies; this includes collecting data as part of large multi-national data collection efforts, as well as smaller-scale studies of specific segments of the Dutch population. The research and monitoring studies conducted by the Trimbos Institute provide insight into mental health and addiction.

Research expertise

The Trimbos Institute is staffed by a talented group of researchers from many different mental health, addiction, healthcare, and policy backgrounds. These researchers collaborate in custom-designed research and implementation programs. Research activities often  include multiple research methodologies in an effort to gather useful and comprehensive information.

As a research center, the Trimbos Institute works with Dutch organizations such as the Utrecht Medical Center, the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sporta, and with international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Commission.

Researchers from the Trimbos Institute participate in international conferences, publish in high-impact international academic journals, write research reports, inform the development of programs, and lead training days for caregivers, policy developers, and special interest groups. Effectively disseminating research findings is crucial to the work of Trimbos, as it allows the work to have the greatest impact in improving care.

The Trimbos Institute trains future researchers through summer schools, through supervised internships for Bachelor and Master's students from multiple fields, and through overseeing the work of many PhD students.