Policy Advice

While the use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco is restricted by law, it can be a difficult job to translate those laws into effective local practice. The same holds true of mental health disorders; it can be tricky to tailor international evidence-based best practices to local policy settings. With years of expertise in mental health and addiction, experts at the Trimbos Institute support national and local governments through policy advice and evaluation. This assistance comes in the form of researching the local policy setting, writing effective local prevention and enforcement plans, guiding new policy implementation, collecting data on and reviewing the impacts of the policy after implementation, and tailoring the policy based on the post-implementation policy review.

Policy advice: Addiction

With its knowledge about addiction gathered over the years, the Trimbos Instutite can help governments develop effective interventions. This work may include collecting data about addiction at the national, regional, or municipal level. Experts from Trimbos can then help policymakers use the collected data to develop and implement policy changes.

Municipal policies on alcohol, drugs, and tobacco can make very important contributions to a healthier society. Primarily, these policies offer young people a safe and healthy environment in which to grow up. Much is known about what is and isn't effective with regard to policy work. I really like helping municipalities apply this knowledge locally. Joost Mulder

Policy advice: Mental health

Researchers, policymakers, and implementation specialists at the Trimbos Institute can offer advice on mental health policies, tools, treatment strategies, and financing at the national, regional, municipal, and organizational level. In the past, researchers and experts from the Trimbos Institute have worked with general practitioners, psychologists, mental health institutions, and communities to provide support in developing mental health care packages and treatment trajectories.