Our work

The Trimbos Institute’s policy and innovation cycle is designed to achieve maximum impact in influencing agendas and decision making. The work of Trimbos is informed by the mission of improving mental health through knowledge sharing. Research is made available in and through the relevant fields of practice.

Investment in quality

At the Trimbos Institute, the quality of projects is paramount. The quality assurance framework includes mentorship, methodological consultancy and training, statistical expertise, cost-effectiveness analyses, implementation work, and qualitative analyses. Projects are evaluated in close consultation with the commissioning clients. Client satisfaction surveys have shown that 88% of clients would recommend the Trimbos Institute to other organizations.

How we work

As a project-based organization, the Trimbos Institute assembles a multi-disciplinary team for each project. Project management is carried out using the Project-wise Creation 2.0 method. This approach entails a structured working method, with a transparent process of planning, checks and balances, and a clear allocation of roles and responsibilities within each and every project. Working in this way ensures that each project has a well-rounded team of researchers, implementation specialists, program developers, and administrators. Funders and research sites are partners in all projects and programs; as a result, the project teams at the Trimbos Institute can dynamically respond to developing needs and changes in partner organizations.