Waterpipe (hookah) smoking in the Dutch context

September 7, 2018

The summary of the fact sheet about waterpipe smoking provides the latest numbers on waterpipe smoking in the Netherlands and information about the Dutch Tobacco Act on waterpipe smoking.

In 2016, 14.7% of the Dutch population of 18 years and older at one point in life smoked a waterpipe. For youth this percentage is higher. In 2015 almost one quarter of 12 -16 year olds (22.5%) have ever smoked a waterpipe. Use of the waterpipe is mostly occasional.

The Tobacco Act in the Netherlands applies to the use of the waterpipe if it contains tobacco. As of 2016 rules were also imposed to herbal molasses which do not contain tobacco, such as a health warning on packaging, a minimum age of 18, and a ban on advertising.

Summary of the fact sheet


Eefje  Willemse

Eefje Willemse

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