Bert van der Hoek new Chairman of the Board Trimbos Institute

July 19, 2018

The Supervisory Board has appointed Bert van der Hoek as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Trimbos Institute. On behalf of the Supervisory Board, Hans de Goeij stated, “Van der Hoek is somebody particularly suited to further develop the vision of the Trimbos Institute.” Van der Hoek is looking forward to further expand the prominent role of the Trimbos Institute; he especially wants to focus on promoting prevention.

Drs. Bert van der Hoek (1958), until October 1st Chairman of the Board for De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar, is an experienced manager. For 8 years he served as Director of Health Care for Menzis as well as Geové health insurers and for 10 years was CEO for Lentis, a mental health and geriatric care facility in Zuidlaren. He started working for De Friesland in 2015 and has been Chairman of the Board of De Friesland since April 2016.

With Van der Hoek, Hans de Goeij, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, is confident the Trimbos Institute can have an even greater impact on people’s mental fitness, particularly in the use of evidence based research. “In addition to carrying out existing programs, this will involve developing new relevant applications and markets that impact mental health today and in the future. Bert van der Hoek is particularly suited to further develop that vision and to implement this, together with professionals of the Trimbos Institute and other organizations. We also anticipate him achieving this in cooperation with professionals in health care and social work as well as with people themselves.”

After his long career in health care and health insurers, Bert van der Hoek is honored to become Chairman of the Trimbos Institute. “Being a psychologist, I feel I go back to the basics now. And that is great. In these past years I have seen how important mental health is as the basis for a happy life. By promoting prevention, I think we can reduce complaints and lower the burden of disease. Yet each year we spend more money on cure and relatively little on prevention. I am hopeful that the current government will focus more on prevention. This also was the core strategy of De Friesland. I have noticed there that local authorities and employers increasingly realize the importance of prevention. That offers a lot of opportunities for the Trimbos Institute. I am looking forward to further expand the prominent role of the Trimbos Institute, together with its professionals.”

Vacancies in Board of Directors

Vacancies in the Board of Directors arose after Prof. Engels left as Chairman of the Board when he accepted the position of Rector Magnificus at the Erasmus Universiteit in Rotterdam, and after Mrs. Allaer resigned as member of the Board of Directors. As of May 2018, Mr. Roelof Jonkers has been Acting Chairman. In October he will transfer his responsibilities to the new Board of Directors. The Board of Directors also expects to appoint a new member this summer.

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