New app Maxx motivates people to reduce alcohol consumption

April 3, 2018

People who want to reduce or quit their alcohol consumption independently can now use the Maxx app. Maxx is a free app that provides positive, practical support in times when it may be difficult to drink less alcohol or none at all. Development of the app was financed by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS).

Consuming alcohol often is a habit associated with having a good time. However, people often do not realize that alcohol also contributes to stress or to sleeping disorders. Even less known is the fact that even a small quantity of alcohol increases the risk of several types of cancer, high blood pressure, and organ damage. Health wise, it always is better not to drink. The Maxx app, accessible and anonymous, helps in reducing or quitting alcohol intake. The app was developed by the Trimbos Institute.

What does Maxx offer?

Maxx helps in:

  • Keeping a daily log of alcohol consumption. Maxx provides an instant update and offers feedback and advice;
  • Setting specific targets and giving direction and support;
  • Persisting in reducing or quitting.

Maxx helps you to be prepared in situations when it is hard not to drink (too much) and reminds you of your intention, if that is what you want. Maxx lets you know how you are doing, it encourages you and gives suggestions. It also has practical exercises, tests, and suggestions to help you meet your goals, for instance about dealing with stress and setbacks. In difficult moments Maxx will remind you of your most important motivation for wanting to deal with your alcohol use!

Maxx is based largely on cognitive behavioral therapy and self-regulation theory. Studies show that self-help interventions can have a positive effect on reducing alcohol consumption.

Who is Maxx intended for?

Maxx is for everyone over 18 years old who wants to improve his or her lifestyle by consuming less alcohol, and for anyone who wants to reduce health risks, feel better, sleep better, or control their weight. Maxx also is helpful for people who want to temporarily stop drinking, for instance for one month, and for people who already quit drinking and want to maintain doing so.

Maxx is not suitable for people with an alcohol addiction who will get withdrawal symptoms when they quit drinking. They will continue to need professional guidance by a primary care physician or addiction clinic.

Maxx is offered for free via the App Store and Google Play Store. More information about the Maxx app can be found at This year, the Trimbos Institute will further implement and evaluate the Maxx app.

For questions about your own alcohol use or that of someone else you can (anonymously) contact the Alcohol Info-line by telephone or internet, see


Odile  Smeets

Odile Smeets

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