European mutual health insurers visit Trimbos Institute

February 16, 2018

A delegation of mutual health insurers visited the Trimbos Institute to learn more about digital mental health interventions in the Netherlands.

Mutual health insurers Belgium, Estonia, France, Germancy, Lebanon, Poland and the Netherlands visited the Trimbos Institute. The study trip was hosted by Trimbos and organised in close cooperation with AIM

Participants were informed about digital intervention for smoking cessation, reduction of alcohol use, prevention and promotion of mental health for various age groups. There was special attention for vulnerable groups such as pregnant and post-partum women (in Dutch), adolescents, people on sick leave for mental health problems, people with chronic diseases and informal carers. They also got a first glimpse of things to come.

Trimbos experts not only informed them about the interventions, the actual impact and the underlying evidence. Participants could also use various interventions themselves, especially the virtual reality experience Through the D'mentia Lens made a deep impression.


Chris  Nas

Chris Nas

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