Swedish delegation visits the Trimbos Institute

October 11, 2017

Tuesday October 10th the Swedish delegation of the CAN and several provinces from Sweden visited the Trimbos Institute. Their purpose was to exchange knowledge about monitoring mental health, alcohol and drug use, and local drugs prevention nationally and internationally.

The delegation wanted to know more about monitoring, policies on substances, cost-effectiveness, and intervention on mental health and addictions in the Netherlands and beyond. They also were interested in the way the Trimbos Institute shares knowledge and cooperates with several institutes, municipalities, and professionals. The delegation consisted of 41 scientists, analysts, PhD-students, as well as department heads and coordinators of several divisions within the CAN and the Swedish provinces. After the visit to the Trimbos Institute they continued their journey to Brussels.

The program consisted of two sessions. In the session about cost-effectiveness and monitoring substance use and mental health, one of the subjects discussed was how the research that the Trimbos Institute is doing on this significantly contributes to informed policies and to the development and evaluation of programs for prevention and intervention. The presentations were well received. For the Trimbos Institute as well, it was an interesting and informative meeting.


Dewi  Mongula

Dewi Mongula

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