2017 Good Practice in Mental Health and Well-being brochure

October 10, 2017

Each year on the 10th of October, nations around the world recognize the importance of mental health by honoring World Mental Health Awareness Day. On its 25th anniversary, in 2017, the day focuses on raising awareness on the importance of well-being in  workplaces, encouraging open dialogue about mental health at work, and promoting strategies for supporting good mental health at work.

The World Health Organization recognized the importance of mental health on World Mental Health Awareness Day through organizing the mhGAP Forum on 9-10 October in Geneva, bringing together representatives of Member States, representatives of other United Nations Agencies, and WHO Collaborating Centres as well as a wide range of stakeholders in mental health from around the world. This year’s Forum focused on building capacities on mental health across countries.

On World Mental Health Awareness Day, the EU Compass released the 2017 Good Practices for Mental Health and Well-being brochure. The brocure presents practices identified from across European Union and  is a resource contributing towards knowledge and experience sharing, and facilitating improvements in mental health by encouraging adaptation and implementation of validated good practices.

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