Trimbos opens up office in Moldova: ‘Private Institute Trimbos Moldova’

March 30, 2015

Early this year the Trimbos Institute started up the project ‘Reform of Mental Health Services in Moldova’, as contracted by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. Its purpose is to reform the mental health system in Moldova and make it more accessible. To implement this the Trimbos Institute opened up an office in Moldova.

In the coming years the Trimbos Institute will work on developing mental health services in Moldova; they will do so in cooperation with the Dutch Institute for Health Services Research Nivel, the Swiss Mental Health Service Luzerner Psychiatrie and The Romanian League for Mental Health. Between 2014 and 2018 the project will target four districts in Moldova which will be used as tests for nationwide reforms.

The reforms will focus on legal and regulatory healthcare policies, financing, interventions, and public approach of people with psychiatric complaints. Initially community-based mental health services will be developed, implemented and evaluated in four districts, which will then serve as example for nationwide reforms. The envisaged impact of these reforms is to improve wellbeing of Moldovans with mental health complaints by providing them access to effective community-based services.

The office of the ‘Project Implementation Unit’ employs eight local staff members.



Ionela Petrea

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