Annual Franz Trautmann memorial lecture ISSDP

June 9, 2017

In memory of Franz Trautmann's significant contribution to international drug policy research and to the development of the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy, the Society has decided to hold a Franz Trautmann memorial lecture at each of its annual conferences. This will be a lecture from a high profile researcher who reflects Franz's commitment to using excellent research to improve drug policy through international collaboration.


The inaugural lecture will take place at the Society's 12th annual conference in Vancouver (23-25 May 2018).

Margriet van Laar, Head of Drug Monitoring & Policy at the Trimbos Institute, said that "Franz is still on our minds and in our work. We appreciate this initiative of the ISSDP. It is wonderful that Franz's work, and his enormous knowledge and involvement in the field of international drug policy and cooperation, is internationally recognized. This inspires and motivates us to continue his work."

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