Trimbos will lead European project against binge drinking

July 7, 2016

The next three years the Trimbos Institute will spearhead the STAD in Europe project (SiE). STAD is a (cost)effective program in Sweden aimed at preventing heavy episodic drinking by young people. The intervention is targeting three factors at the same time: 1) training personnel serving alcohol to limit availability, 2) establishing checks and controls, and 3) influencing current social standards.

The aim of STAD in Europe is to study how to best apply the effective elements from this Swedish approach in other regions and settings. To do so, we start with seven pilot regions in Europe to implement the elements of STAD in a practical approach specifically geared toward each pilot region.

Several ‘drinking environments’
The approach can be tailored toward several different “drinking environments”: nightlife premises, festivals, public drinking on the streets, and home drinking. The other participating countries are Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic. These countries are confronting a wide range of alcohol problems among young people: from excessive alcohol use at festivals to young people consuming their own drinks on the streets.

Project leader Lotte Voorham: “It is great we can now implement this promising approach. Also, because of the broad European context we are gathering a lot of expertise on how such an intervention can be implemented successfully in a local setting.”

In the Netherlands the Trimbos Institute will do a pilot of a STAD intervention for festivals. The intervention strategy the Trimbos Institute is developing aims to reduce excessive alcohol use among young people at festivals. The intervention will be developed and implemented in cooperation with a pilot region.

At the same time the John Moores University will perform an impact and process study in all pilot regions. The study findings will be published in an intervention manual applicable to all European regions wanting to use this approach.

Read more (Dutch information) about STAD here


Lotte  Voorham

Lotte Voorham

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