Two Fellowships Granted to Joran Lokkerbol

May 17, 2017

A ZonMw GGZ Fellowship and a Harkness Fellowship were granted to Trimbos employee Joran Lokkerbol. He will use these fellowships to research the (cost)effectiveness and client satisfaction of people being treated for anxiety and depression in the basic mental healthcare (GGZ). He will also research the organization of care for people with severe psychological disorders.

The purpose of the four-year research of the ZonMw GGZ Fellowship is to find which treatment can best be given to which group of patients. With this knowledge the effectiveness, quality, and affordability of basic mental healthcare treatments for people with anxiety and depression can be increased.

Personalized care
The research cooperates with basic mental health institutions to strengthen personalized care by making use of patient data. Based on these data it is possible to differentiate between different patient groups and to study which care works best for each of these groups of patients. In doing so it offers tools for mental health institutes to provide their patients more custom made care for anxiety and depression.

Cost effectiveness and client satisfaction
Mental health institutions urgently need insights and tools in the area of healthcare cost-effectiveness. By cooperating with these parties, Joran Lokkerbol is also hoping to get more clarity about which patients suffering from anxiety and depression are satisfied with their treatment and which patients are not. This knowledge can be of help to care facilities and healthcare insurance companies in discussing the costs as well as the effects of different interventions within the basic mental healthcare.

Harkness Fellowship
In addition to the ZonMw GGZ Fellowship Joran Lokkerbol also was granted the Harkness Fellowship in Healthcare Policy and Practice, financed by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and The Commonwealth Fund (a private fund in the USA). Starting in August he will spend a year at Harvard Medical School in Boston to research how care for people with severe psychological problems can be organized to such extent that they can function as independently as possible, with the highest possible quality of life standard.

Watch the video interview with Joran Lokkerbol about the Harkness Fellowship in Healthcare Policy and Practice.


Joran  Lokkerbol

Joran Lokkerbol

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