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Wilma Boevink addresses European Parliament about use of experiential expertise

Today in the European Parliament in Brussels, colleague Wilma Boevink will present the position of the Trimbos Institute on the use of experience-based expertise in mental health. The ‘Empowerment of patients affected by mental health conditions and their self-management of care and treatment’ meeting is organized by the European Parliament Interest Group on Mental Health, Well-being and Brain Disorders.

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Theme report on depression: national statistics and knowledge gaps

Depression has a big impact: for the person involved, for those close to him, and for society. This is what the Trimbos Institute and the National Institute for Public Health (RIVM) state in their report ‘Focus on Depression: the Condition, Prevention, and Care.’ State Secretary Paul Blokhuis of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) presented this report to the House of Representatives. The report provides an overview of national statistics and knowledge gaps relating to depression.

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New app Maxx motivates people to reduce alcohol consumption

People who want to reduce or quit their alcohol consumption independently can now use the Maxx app. Maxx is a free app that provides positive, practical support in times when it may be difficult to drink less alcohol or none at all. Development of the app was financed by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS).

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GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord: visit to an inter-disciplinary recovery institute

“…Henny emphasises on how her three children are a mirror for her and can read her eyes, they always alert her if they notice her behaving unusually; talking loud, talking a lot, or writing letter to the President of Suriname as she believed she was going to be the next President of Suriname (yes this did happen). And now at the recovery centre she tries to become a mirror for others just as her children are hers…”

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Sewage Water Analyses Drugs in 56 European Cities: What do Statistics Show?

Today the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drugs Addiction (EMCDDA) presents the 2017 results of the so-called sewage water analyses for drugs. Trend data of Amsterdam, Eindhoven, and Utrecht were presented for the Netherlands. Noteworthy were the high drug residue loads measured in Amsterdam for MDMA and in Eindhoven for amphetamine. But what do these statistics really show?

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