Implementation Networks

In the past few years several implementation networks were set up in order to more effectively use (scientific) knowledge concerning implementation. The Trimbos Institute participates in a number of these networks.

Global Implementation Initiative

The Global Implementation Initiative (GII) was founded in 2012. Its mission is:

  • to connect (inter)national implementation networks;
  • to encourage use of effective implementation strategies among researchers, policy makers, and practitioners in applied settings;
  • to improve outcomes in human service settings for children, families, individuals, and communities worldwide.

The GII bi-annually organizes the Global Implementation Conference. In 2017 the Trimbos Center of Implementation formed part of its international advisory committee. In 2019 the Trimbos Institute will be co-organizer of the Global Implementation Conference, which will take place in the Netherlands.

European Implementation Initiative (EIC)

Following the example of the GII, the European Implementation Collaborative (EIC) was founded in 2015. The aims of the EIC correspond to those of the GII, but are more specifically focused on the European context. More information about this initiative in which the Trimbos Institute is participating can be found at

Nederlands Implementatie Collectief (NIC)

The “Nederlands Implementatie Collectief” (NIC) was founded in 2014 by the Dutch Youth Institute (Nederlands Jeugdinstituut), TNO, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam), and the Trimbos Institute. The NIC was founded to increase awareness of the importance of evidence-based implementation in youth welfare work and public healthcare. The collective has about 125 members. Each year they organize a number of activities, focusing on the subjects of implementation and implementation research.