The mission of the Trimbos is: “improving mental healthcare by sharing knowledge.” So how does Trimbos Institute accomplish this? Trimbos Institute professionals combine scientific research with implementation of scientifically valid interventions and quality standards. They also perform implementation research and participate in (inter)national implementation networks. The Trimbos Center of Implementation plays a key role in this.

Trimbos Academy

Each year the Trimbos Academy develops and organizes a considerable number of trainings, study days, and conferences for professionals in the field of mental health, substance use, and addiction. Check all Trimbos Institute has to offer at the link of the Trimbos Academy:

Week of the Implementation, 4-8 February 2019

Successfully implementing changes. That was the focus of the second Week of the Implementation in 2018. The Trimbos Institute organized this inspiring week about implementation and implementation research as partner of the “Nederlands Implementatie Collectief.” In 2019 the Week of the Implementation will take place from 4-8 February.

More (Dutch) information:

Implementation Networks

In an increasing number of countries people see the importance of effective implementation in improving public health or in increasing the quality of care. Over the past years they have organized several implementation networks to more efficiently use (scientific) knowledge about implementation.


Implementing Quality Standards and Interventions

In recent decades experts have gained increased knowledge about what does and does not work in improving mental healthcare. They know which (preventative) interventions are effective and they are developing quality standards to improve the quality of care. The Trimbos Institute actively contributes to its implementation nationwide.

A few successful (Dutch language) examples are:

Implementation Research

Health benefits = effective implementation X effective intervention

In order to find out whether interventions work, not only scientific research on effects is needed, but also research on implementation. In recent years this relatively new research field has drawn increased attention. Implementation Science Magazine is entirely focused on implementation research. As another example, read the thesis of Henny Sinnema about the implementation of guidelines for anxiety and depression in general practice.

Are you interested in what we could do for you in the area of implementation and implementation research? Contact the Center of Implementation.


Ferry  Goossens

Ferry Goossens