Projects in health economics

Implementation specialists, researchers, and policymakers at the Trimbos Institute work on a variety of health economic projects, including several economic modelling studies commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Health.

Depression free

Depression Free is a web-based therapeutic intervention based on an empirically effective group therapy model from the University of Groningen. In cooperation with the Trimbos innovation program Mental Vitality, the therapy was adapted for online use. Users can perform it at home on their own time and at their own pace, receiving telephone or
email support from a therapist if needed. As SMS text messages have proven to be one way to increase therapy adherence, clients in the recovery phase of depression are sent two messages a month asking how they are doing.
Their answers are plotted on a graph. This produces an overall view of their mood patterns and helps the therapist provide targeted feedback. It also allows the recurrence of depressive symptoms to be detected more rapidly.

Psyfit – an online training to improve mental fitness

Psyfit is a fully automated self-help intervention aimed at improving well-being by stimulating personal growth and positive functioning. The intervention encourages people to complete their ‘daily mental fitness training’ (as an analogue with physical fitness training). The intervention is based on the emerging field of positive psychology in which tools aimed at flourishing and positive functioning are being developed and evaluated. Psyfit contains six modules such as goals-setting, positive relationships, constructive thinking and mindfulness. Each module offers a video, exercises, tests and tips. For more information about the course, click here.

For more information, contact Linda Bolier

The payoff of research in the field of mental health care

The Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMw) invested 39 million Euros in 158 GGz studies in the period 2010-2015. ZonMw asked the Center for Mental Health and Economic Evaluation (CMHEE) if the research also pays off economically, in addition to improvements in patient care. The abstract of the report: The payoff of research in the field of mental health care

For more information, contact Joran Lokkerbol