Health Economics

There is a growing need for knowledge about the costs related to mental healthcare sector as well as the costs related to the misuse of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. This is caused, in part, by growing healthcare expenditures, increasing demand for care, insufficient means to provide care, and the development of new medical technologies. The experts from Center for Mental Health and Economic Evaluation of the Trimbos Institute calculate the costs and effects of new interventions or policies. Additionally, the Center provides support to healthcare institutions and governments with measuring and improving efficiency.

The Center for Mental Health and Economic Evaluation (CMHEE) at the Trimbos Institute has conducted or initiated a number of international research studies. For the World Health Organization (WHO), the center published two health economics reports on the prevention of depression, one of them in cooperation with the London School of Economics. The Center also collaborated with Leuphana University in Germany on several evaluations of e-health services for prevention and early intervention with respect to alcohol use, depression, and anxiety disorders. 

In rural India, experts from the Center assisted in an economic sustainability project to improve the accessibility of mental health care. Village residents received training via information videos on their mobile phones on effectively recognizing mental disorders. Investment was also made in improved referral pathways to professional care.

In developing guidelines on bipolar disorder, experts from the Center worked together with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in the UK. The Center furthermore collaborated with Deakin University in Australia to develop advanced simulation models for health economics.


Joran  Lokkerbol

Joran Lokkerbol


Trimbos Institute staff author or co-author nearly 200 publications a year. These range from peer-reviewed articles in distinguished Dutch and international journals to research reports and doctoral theses. Some of these articles and reports are listed below.

Mental Health Care System Optimization from a Health-Economics Perspective: Where to Sow and Where to Reap? (2014) J. Lokkerbol, R. Weehuizen, I. Mavranezouli, C. Mihalopoulos & F. Smit

Evaluating the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of web-based indicated prevention of major depression: Design of a randomised controlled trial. (2014) C. Buntrock, D.D. Ebert, D. Lehr, P. Cuijpers, H. Riper, F. Smit & M. Berking

Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of minimal guided and unguided internet-based mobile supported stress-management in employees with occupational stress: A three-armed randomised controlled trial. (2014). D.D. Ebert, D. Lehr, F.Smit, A.C. Zarski, H. Riper, E.Heber & P. Cuijpers.