Digital & e-health Solutions

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined e-health as the transfer of health resources and healthcare through electronic means. The Trimbos Institute has integrated e-health and e-mental health modules into many programs; these modules are designed meet the needs of hard-to-reach populations, to offer training that can be built into the busy schedules of professionals, to communicate with teens and families on their terms and through their preferred formats, and to disseminate findings to other researchers and implementation specialist. These e-health and e-mental health modules are often innovative, such as serious gaming for mental health, and are undergoing research to further the evidence-base in e-mental health. Other e-health options, such as training modules, are based on evaluated in-person training sessions and are tailored for our growing digital world.

e-Mental health

One of the ambitions of the Trimbos Institute is to make e-mental health widely available. E-mental health is focused on mental health disorders and the mental health care sector. Therefore, our experts develop e-mental health interventions that can be implemented in different settings through different platforms and systems. Moreover, Trimbos experts conduct research and provide support to increase the knowledge of care providers, policymakers, government, and patients regarding e-mental health.

As commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sports, the Trimbos Institute has investigated the requirements for the large-scale use of e-mental health. Results have shown that the first step towards implementing e-mental health is to underscore the benefit of using it. The second step is to offer practical information about e-mental health.


Odile  Smeets

Odile Smeets

Serious gaming

Serious gaming is an innovative movement within mental healthcare treatment, focusing on the use of specialized video games to treat and manage mental health disorders. To this end, the Trimbos Institute is involved with the research project Development, testing and dissemination of video games that prevent and treat anxiety and depression in children and adolescents. The project is a multidisciplinary effort to develop, research, and implement serious video games; through the five-year project, two video games will be developed and tested through four randomized controlled trials with the intention of internationally disseminating the two video games after the project period.

Online training modules

Experts from the Trimbos Institute develop and support a multitude of online training modules for healthcare professionals, for policy makers, for teachers and social workers, and families. These modules are often self-paced and asynchronous, which allows for those interested in the courses to take the course when it best suits them. More information about the training modules can be found on the Dutch-language training pages here.

Problematic internet use

The Trimbos Institute offers relevant information and support regarding problematic gaming behavior and addiction to gaming. Problematic gaming behavior can be defined as either having trouble in cutting back the hours of gaming, experiencing increasing anxiety when it is not possible to game, or feeling relieved when one is able to play computer games. The Trimbos Institute offers easily accessible products to share knowledge and provide support to problematic gamers and professional caregivers. 


Ferry  Goossens

Ferry Goossens


The Trimbos Institute hosts and supports a variety of websites; these websites include informational websites for the public, professional support websites, and web-based mental health, addiction, and/or wellness interventions.


  • Alcohol Info
    A trustworthy source of information of information about alcohol and drinking ||
  • Drink Test
    An online assessment for those interested in learning more about how much they drink and how that drinking may impact their health ||
  • Drinking Less
    An online self-help program for those wishing to drink less ||
  • Drink Well
    Information, tips, and personal stories for children of parents with alcohol issues ||


  • Drugs Info
    A trustworthy source of information of information about drugs and drug use ||
  • Drugs and Going Out
    A website with information about drugs and going out for adolescents and young adults ||
  • Drugs Test
    A website with information for adolescents about locations where one can have drugs tested ||

 Mental Health

  • Mental Vitality
    Support those looking to improve their mental vitality and fitness ||
  • Effective Interventions in Long-term Mental Healthcare
    Information on the variety of treatments and interventions available for those needing long-term mental healthcare ||
  • e-Mental Health in Primary Care
    Website with data and support for the e-mental health toolkit for primary care providers ||

Tobacco Control

  • Tobacco Info
    A trustworthy source of information of information about tobacco and tobacco use ||
  • I'm stopping now
    A support and information website for people who are quitting smoking ||


Trimbos Institute staff author or co-author nearly 200 publications a year. These range from peer-reviewed articles in distinguished Dutch and international journals to research reports and doctoral theses. Some of these articles and reports are listed below.

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