Working at Trimbos

The Trimbos Institute is the National Institute for Mental Health and Addiction. The mission of the institute is to contribute to the improvement of mental health by sharing knowledge. It seeks to enhance the quality of life of the population by engaging in the development and application of knowledge about mental health, addiction, and associated physical illnesses, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Strategic priorities are:

  • The development, testing and implementation of novel prevention and treatment approaches, quality standards and guidelines;
  • Detecting and monitoring mental health problems, substance use and addiction;
  • Promoting public health education;
  • Evaluating mental health services.

In addition to activities implemented in the Netherlands, the institute has a prominent international focus through research projects, policy development initiative and mental health services reforms carried out bilaterally in specific countries or through European-wide initiatives. Funders for international work at Trimbos include the European Commission as well as bilateral aid organisations such as the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Grand Challenges Canada. The institute is a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre on dissemination of good practices in mental health. Trimbos is an international leader in the field of e-health and has 15 years of experience with creating and disseminating evidence-based prevention and intervention approaches through digital tools and applications. A key component of its international expansion plan relates to further development, validation, dissemination and commercialization of e-mental health products.