Central Asia Drug Action Programme (CADAP VI) 2015 - 2018

The CADAP program, financed by the European Commission, focuses on supporting local governments in developing drug policies that are based on a scientific approach and focused on health and human rights. The Trimbos Institute has been involved since 2016.


Support the five Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan)
with the development of

  • A more systematised and comprehensive drug policy in the field of drug demand and harm reduction
  • An institutionalised collection and analysis of reliable and objective drug-related data
  • More innovative and state of the art practices of drug use prevention and drug treatment.

Trimbos Institute is leading the component on drug policy, assisting governments and other relevant stakeholders in Central Asia with the review of old and drafting of new National Drugs Strategies, Action Plans and drug legislation and with identifying and reaching consensus on drug policy needs and priorities. The key expected result is that the project will lead to an increase in knowledge, capacity and commitment of the national policy makers and other relevant stakeholders regarding the use of best practice from EU Member States for preparing balanced national strategies and policies and strategies, action plans and legislation employing European good practices, compliant with international standards and reflecting the national drug policy needs and priorities are adopted and implemented.

More information

  • Product: Reports with recommendations
  • Website:
  • Project duration: April 2015 - April 2018 (possible extension)
  • In cooperation with: GIZ, Germany (project leader), NBDP (Poland), University of Applied Science in Frankfurt (Germany), ReSAD, Czech Republic
  • Funding: European Commission, DG Development and Cooperation