Monitor Drug-related Incidents (MDI)

The Monitor Drug-related Incidents (MDI) is a Dutch monitoring system of the Trimbos-institute, initiated in 2009. It collects information on presentations with drug-related acute toxicities at four medical services, in eight regions of the Netherlands to provide an indicative base for monitoring.

Acute toxicities were reported on by ambulance services, emergency departments of hospitals, and forensic medicine services in these regions, as well as first aid stations at large-scale (dance) events throughout the Netherlands. The aim of the MDI is to monitor drugs-related acute toxicities over time and to exchange information about drugs, acute toxicities, and treatment within the network of participating health care organizations. In addition, the MDI aims to protect public health in case of acute health risk through warning campaigns (Red Alert procedure) in collaboration with the Drug Information Monitoring System (DIMS), the ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sports, and the Healthcare Inspectorate.  As part of the MDI, in collaboration with Event Medical Service and the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis (OLVG) hospital in Amsterdam, the Trimbos-institute carries out a study on the profile of individuals who experience health complaints after using ecstasy. The overall aim of this study is to better understand who is at risk for health complaints after ecstasy use.