Addictions and Lifestyles in Contemporary Europe - Reframing Addictions Project (ALICE RAP)

The objective of the ALICE RAP program was to reframe the general understanding of addiction and to help redesigning addiction policy based on objective scientific evidence.


The purpose of the Trimbos Institute’s (leader of the area on addiction governance) contribution was to study addictions governance by describing the views and forces that determine the ways societies steer themselves and by stock taking of present governance practices to old and emerging addictions.

In a study on addiction governance in practice the focus was on:

  1. To perform a comparative analysis on national level policies on addictive substances by developing an instrument that measures the comprehensiveness and integration of public health measures and policies that reduces the harm done by addictive substances in Europe
  2. To describe and analyse current practices and trends in governance implementation (programmes) in the fields of licit and illicit substances and non-substance related addictions (gambling, compulsive internet use)
  3. To carry out qualitative (comparative) in-depth studies involving a selected number of countries to identify and better understand forces and factors operating in the implementation of governance/policy in four EU Member States.

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