Analysis of the EU illicit drugs market and responses to it – responding to future challenges

The focus of this study is the EU drugs market.


The focus of this study is on the EU drugs market. A more in-depth analysis and understanding of various features of the EU illicit drugs market are seen as vital for a better understanding of the drugs problem and possible ways to tackle it.

This study is a follow-up of the 2007 call of DG JLS for a 'Detailed analysis of the operation of the world market in illicit drugs and of policy measures to curtail it'. The result of that tender, a 'Report on the global illicit drugs market 1998-2007' presented an analysis of the developments of the global illicit drugs market, the drug problems and drug policy responses in the period 1998-2007 (P. Reuter and F. Trautmann, 2009).

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  • Project duration: May 2011 – November 2012
  • Product: Report ‘Further insights into aspects of the illicit EU drugs market’, eds. F. Trautmann, B. Kilmer and P. Turnbull, 2013.
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  • In co-operation with: Institute for Criminal Policy Research (ICPR), RAND Europe, National Centre for Addictions of Bulgaria, Centre for Addictology of the Czech Republic, Centre for Biostatistics and Bioinformatics of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Instituto da Droga e da Toxicodependência (IDT) in Portugal and Faculty of Health and Society of Malmö University in Sweden.
  • Funding: European Commission