Trimbos International (TI)

Although Trimbos is the national institute for mental health and addiction in the Netherlands, Trimbos also leads and collaborates on numerous projects, programs, and consortia internationally, in an effort to help synthesize, enrich, implement, and disseminate knowledge on mental health and addiction problems.

Trimbos International, formerly known as the Unit of International Affairs, is a department within the Trimbos Institute which focuses exclusively on initiating, leading and collaborating on international projects, research, partnerships, and funding opportunities.

Experts at Trimbos International:

  • lead and coordinate EU and global (research) projects which help to synthesize, enrich, implement, and disseminate knowledge on mental health and addiction problems;
  • serve as international contact points for queries or questions about the Trimbos Institute;
  • facilitate European and international partnerships;
  • manage international funding;
  • provide clear, evidence-based policy advice;
  • recruit and oversee local level project managers;
  • oversee the work of satellite offices in Zagreb and Chisinau;
  • secure and manage international funding;
  • support governments in low- and middle-income countries with reforms related to mental health and addiction services; and
  • direct and manage international projects and programs.

Joint statement to invest in mental health research and a European Implementation Partnership on Mental Health and Wellbeing 

Trimbos International is overseen by Dr. Ionela Petrea. Dr. Petrea has served as the Department Head of Trimbos International since 2010. Prior to joining Trimbos, Dr. Petrea worked at the WHO Regional Office for Europe in Copenhagen as a technical officer in mental health and tobacco control. More information about Dr. Petrea can be found here.  

For more information, click here to download the Trimbos Institute for International Collaborating Partners information sheet.