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The human capital of Trimbos - those who work here, day-in and day-out - are the head, hands, and heart of the institute. Ever wonder what it is like to work at Trimbos? Read the interviews below to learn more about what we do and why we do it! 

June 2016: Matthijs Oud

What’s your position at the Trimbos Institute?

I primarily work as a methodologist in guideline development.

How long have you worked at Trimbos?

I've worked at Trimbos for ten years.

What's your background and education?

I have a Masters of Science in Health Sciences.

Which projects are you currently working on?

I’m working on the development of a care standard for ADHD.

Do you work with other people from the Trimbos Institute?

Yes, I work with Rogier van Rijn en Angita Peterse.

What results do you expect from this project?

We’re hoping for a care standard that has a strong evidence-base as it is based on several other guidelines and standards; as well, we are working with NICE in England to fill in the missing components and gaps.

What issues are you encountering?

It’s a massive project with a lot of parties involved and has gained a lot of interest.

What other projects do you work on?

I’m also working on developing the care standard for dissociative disorders and eating disorders. In addition, we will soon be starting with an analysis of the effectiveness of psychological interventions in children with depression or anxiety.

What’s been your nicest moment in the past month?

Recently, I gave a lecture for psychology students on guideline development. It was very fun to do and I had many nice comments from the students.  

What do you like best about working at Trimbos?

I like the fact that the work we do is very diverse because of all the different projects. And we’ve got a large (inter)national network.