Jan Heijdra Suasnábar

Junior project medewerker
Department Trimbos International
+31 (0)30 - 2959(400)
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Jan is a student, primarily assisting on research projects related to the development of mental health services in international settings, specifically with regards to data management and dissemination. His functions further includes logistical tasks; organization of events and the preparation of project documents (reports, manuals and guidelines). 

He is currently studying psychology at Webster University in Leiden and has been working at Trimbos for a year after he completed a three-month internship.

Inspiration and mission 

Jan feels the most motivated when he knows that his work will have a positive impact or that it will be relevant towards achieving a larger goal, no matter how small the contribution. He feels useful when he is able to learn and apply new skills. Therefore, Jan needs to feel challenged in order to remain engaged and interested in developing further in this field. His mission is to learn as much as possible so that his efforts can contribute in improving the mental health of people from different backgrounds.

Working on... 

Jan worked on the management, synthesis and dissemination of information during the ‘EU Compass for Action on Mental Health and Well-being’ project, specifically in relation to the ‘European Good Practices in Mental Health’ initiative. Further, he assisted in the organization and preparation of Compass Fora (2017 & 2018) and helped in the preparation of reports.

Previously Jan contributed to the development of clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of Autism and ADHD during phase 1 of the Moldovan mental healthcare system reform project. Currently continues to work on this project and will continue to do so during phase 2.     

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