Marjonneke de Vetten

PhD Candidate
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Marjonneke de Vetten


Marjonneke has completed a bachelor in Health Sciences and a research master in Global Health at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. In her studies she has learned about the complex interplay between political, economic, sociocultural, and biological factors that contribute to health disparities in the population with the aim to develop appropriate strategies and interventions. As part of her masters’ program she has completed two internships on 1) the improvement of supporting housing facilities for homeless women with a mental illness in Tamil Nadu, India and 2) the improvement of child participation in their care trajectory at the youth protection services in Amsterdam.

Besides academic schooling Marjonneke also gained practical experience as a professional and service user in youth- and mental health care. For eight years, before and during her studies, she has worked as a supervisor in supported housing facilities for people with a mild intellectual disability, addiction, mental health and behavioral problems.

Inspiration and mission

Her experience motivates her to produce academic output useful to achieve equity in health. All citizens should have an equal chance to achieve and maintain good health and wellbeing, the most important thing in life.  

Working on...

Marjonneke started her PhD project in September 2015. The PhD project almost runs in parallel with the MENSANA project phase 1 (2014-2018). The project aims to implement a community-based mental health services model in Moldova starting with four pilot regions. In her PhD she explores the need, challenges and opportunities of the implementation in the four pilot regions with the people who are involved in the reform including implementation team members, managers, professionals, service users and carers.

Since 2015 Marjonneke is involved in setting up the European Community Mental Health Service providers (EUCOMS) network of which she became the coordinator. EUCOMS unites mental health services throughout Europe that want to support the implementation of quality community-based mental health care. Based upon overarching principles, EUCOMS supports implementation through exchange and advocacy. At the moment the network comprises of 58 organizations from 17 countries.

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