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Drug Monitoring & Policy
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Daan van der Gouwe


Daan van der Gouwe has a master in Sociology and is a researcher involved in monitoring the Dutch market in illicit drugs. He works with the Department Drug Monitoring and Policy for the project Drugs Information and Monitoring System (DIMS). DIMS coordinates the practice of drug testing in the Netherlands, where consumers can have their drugs tested on content. Van der Gouwe also monitors the so-called New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), for where drugs are discussed and the online markets for drugs, and was involved in the EC-funded project I-trend. He also published various papers on this issue. Further to that, Van der Gouwe has gained expertise in the field of project and policy evaluations. E.g. recently he was involved in the evaluation of the National Drug Strategy of the Republic of Croatia, the assessment of misuse and diversion of Opioid Substitution Treatment medication in Croatia and an evaluation of a large Global Fund funded Eurasian Harm Reduction Network project in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Van der Gouwe is also involved in the Central Asia Drugs Action Programme (CADAP), in which Trimbos support governments and other stakeholders in realizing evidence-based drug policies. Finally, Van der Gouwe is one of the leading spokespersons for Trimbos when it comes to drug-related issues.

Inspiration and mission

There is a lot of noise’ when it comes to the issue of drugs, everyone has an opinion, quite often not based on facts. I see it as one of my main tasks to demystify these misconceptions, e.g. by conducting research (evaluations) or by commenting in public space. What inspires me in my professional life is to share and exchange the knowledge built up in the Netherlands in recent decades with others, so that they can avoid the mistakes we have made and do not re-invent the wheel.

Currently working on…                       

  • Drafting the Annual report DIMS, an infographic containing the latest data on drug-testing in the Netherlands. ( see
  • CADAP, organizing several visits to Central Asia to hold National and Regional Drug Policy Dialogues
  • For the same project, setting up a regional Conference on NPS, thereby looking at this emerging issue in CA from different angles and providing best EU practice in drug policy, data collecting, prevent and treatment of NPS-related issues.

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