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Sander  Rigter


Sander Rigter has worked for almost 2 decades as a researcher for the Drugs Information and Monitoring System (DIMS). This is a unique monitoring project where consumers of party drugs can hand in their drugs for analysis. DIMS analyzes over 10,000 drug samples a year and is the longest existing and largest drug checking program in the world.

Working for DIMS has given Sander much insight into drugs, their effects, and drug policy; it also gave him a vast national and international network in this field.

Sander also coordinates another even more unique project, the so called “THC-monitor,” a yearly monitor of the content of cannabis sold in Dutch coffee shops. Sander keeps informed on the latest cannabis literature for this annual report. At times Sander does other projects in the field of cannabis or coffee shops, relating to this task.

Inspiration and mission

Information and education are important. Due to scientific studies the objective information about drugs is growing and growing. Sander’s mission is to make this information available for everyone, including drug users and policy makers, so they can form opinions based on the best information possible.

Working on…

Most of his time Sander works for the DIMS-project and he knows everything there is to know about drug checking. At the moment he is becoming acquainted with FT-IR, an infrared analyzing technique that DIMS has been using for the past two years.

In the next couple of months Sander will be writing the annual THC report, giving several trainings to coffee shop personnel about cannabis, and he will be writing a report on cannabis varieties sold in coffee shops on behalf of a Committee on a coffee shop experiment. A fact sheet with Facts and Fables about cannabis will also be published this year!

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