Partners & Contributors

Projects at Trimbos are often commissioned and mandated by national and international governments and donors, such as the Netherlands Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sports (VWS), and the Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMw).

The Trimbos Institute partners with agencies and organizations such as:

  • GGZ Nederland, the professional association of mental health care providers
  • Netherlands Health Care Inspectorate
  • Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Matra Programme Implementation Division (DZO/UM)
  • Netherlands Ministry of Youth and Families
  • Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement (CBO)
  • Grand Challenges Canada
  • the European Commission
  • Swiss Development Cooperation

Trimbos and Municipalities in the Netherlands

The Trimbos Institute works with many cities and villages in the Netherlands, providing policy advice, monitoring, and education. Examples of this work include guidelines for cities concerning the use of alcohol and drugs during events. This guideline supports municipalities by providing an overview of all measures and interventions which can be used before, during, or after events to minimize the risks of alcohol and drug use. The guideline also describes the effectiveness of measures and interventions where possible, and describes best practices when the effectiveness is still unknown.

Other examples of the work of the Trimbos Institute with municipalities include monitoring work such as the National Drug Monitor (NDM). The National Drug Monitor was established in 1999 by the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sports. The aim of the monitor is to evaluate and review registration and survey research data at the national level. The collected data is reported to the Dutch Parliament and impacts policies at the municipal and national levels.

The Trimbos Institute is often contracted to support prevention and education activities in municipalities, including activities carried out by non-governmental organizations. Much of this support comes through serving as an external evaluation and documentation center for interventions. For example, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports finances a number of projects in recreational settings, which focus on the implementation of safe clubbing regulations, person-to-person interventions, and the testing of substances (often club drugs). These projects are linked to other nationwide monitoring systems and are particularly important for the rapid sharing of information about new or dangerous psychoactive substances and their hazardous health effects in recreational settings, and for issuing local warnings. Trimbos evaluates and supports these various projects, while documenting and disseminating valuable information.