Our Story

The Trimbos Institute has an extensive history of conducting research on mental health, mental resilience, addictions, and healthcare systems. This research has been used to improve healthcare delivery, policies regarding mental health and addictions, and health education for clinicians and the general public.

History of the Trimbos Institute

The Trimbos Institute was named after Professor Kees Trimbos (1920-1988).

Kees Trimbos was a psychiatrist and a leading promoter of mental health in the Netherlands. For twenty years, he was professor of preventive and social psychiatry as well as working as a neurologist in mental health care practice.

In the 1960s, Kees Trimbos enjoyed nationwide fame with his radio and television broadcasts on sex education and parenting. From 1977-1988, he led the Netherlands Center for Mental Health (NcGv), one of the Trimbos Institute’s predecessors.

The Trimbos Institute was created in 1996 as a result of the merger of the Netherlands Center for Mental Health (NcGv) and the Netherlands Institute for Alcohol and Drugs (NIAD).

Kees Trimbos

The Trimbos Institute today

The Trimbos Institute has 14 departments carrying out work in mental health, addiction, and healthcare. This includes work in:

  • health promotion and disease prevention;
  • primary healthcare;
  • long-term treatment and management of chronic mental health and addiction;
  • recovery and social reintegration;
  • population health surveillance;
  • monitoring the quality of care; and
  • the health of the young, the vulnerable, and the old.

The Institute is managed by a Board of Directors, which is headed by the CEO and the Director of Operations. A Board of Trustees oversees the work and the Board of Directors. 

The staff of the Trimbos Institute is the institute's best resource. Trimbos invests in the training, education, and development of all staff members. In partnerships with various Dutch universities, the Trimbos Institute oversees the research of many PhD candidates. Many of the senior staff hold part-time academic positions. The Trimbos Institute is a key academic and knowledge-exchange partner in the Netherlands and beyond.

Focus, the Trimbos Institute brochure, has futher information about Trimbos and can be downloaded here.

Financial structure

The Trimbos Institute is a project-based organization, contracted by various partners and donors. Within the Netherlands, these funders include the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sports (VWS), as well as the Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMw) and various Dutch municipalities. The Trimbos Institute is also funded by organizations, foundations, and charities both within and outside of the Netherlands.

The Trimbos Institute is a registered non-profit in the Netherlands. This non-profit status, granted by the Dutch Treasury, implies that at least 90% of the activities of the Trimbos Institute are aimed at and contribue to the benefit of the public. As such, donations to Trimbos are tax-free.


The Trimbos Institute is proud to have a diverse, creative, and dedicated staff of nearly 200 individuals. More than half of these represent different disciplines in changing project teams. Our multidisciplinary approach encourages innovative thinking and research versatility. Our culture is informal and offers considerable room for individual initiative. Working at the Trimbos Institute means creating new knowledge and expertise and applying it in mental health care, social welfare, and addiction care.

Professional standards

The Trimbos Institute is committed to many professional standards, including but not limited to the following:

  • the professional standards for psychologists from the Dutch Professional Association of Psychologists,
  • the Code of Conduct for Health Research from the Dutch Federation of Biomedical Societies (April 2004), and
  • the Code of Conduct for Research and Statistics from the Associate of Policy Resarch, the Society of Statistics and Research, and the Center for Marketing Intelligence and Research.

The health and well-being of the population are at the heart of all the work done by the Trimbos Institute.

EU Transparency Register
The Trimbos-institute is registered in the EU Transparency Register with ID number 345265926886-67.