Mission & Vision

The mission of the Trimbos Institute is to contribute to the improvement of mental health by sharing knowledge. The Trimbos Institute seeks to enhance the quality of life of the population by engaging in the development and application of knowledge about mental health, addictions, and associated physical illnesses, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

The work of the Trimbos Institute concentrates on mental health disorders and addiction. A multidisciplinary, integrated program of monitoring, prevention, treatment, and care is developed for each theme. These programs also include interventions targeted at environmental influences, informal carergivers, and family members.

Activities at Trimbos are primarily geared towards the general population, mainly through monitoring and health promotion efforts. Trimbos also carries out activities for specific target groups or at-risk groups.

The strategic priorities of the Trimbos Institute are:

  • to develop new treatment methods, quality standards, practice guidelines, health interventions, and disease prevention programs;
  • to assess and evaluate the cost-effectiveness of mental health and addiction services in the Netherlands and abroad;
  • to detect and monitor mental health problems, substance use, and addiction, through international large-scale epidemiological and monitoring efforts;
  • to assess and evaluate mental health and addiction services in the Netherlands as well as in other countries;
  • to keep policymakers, politicians, and health professionals informed about the mental health of Dutch and international populations;
  • to provide training and professional development resources to a wide range of audiences across sectors at the local, national and international level: healthcare sector, social care sector, legal sector, and education sector;
  • to promote public health education about mental health problems, substance use, and addiction; and
  • to encourage knowledge sharing and exchange by facilitating contacts between organizations and individuals at local, national and global levels.

At the heart of all the work done by the Trimbos Institute is the desire to improve lives, improve the quality of care, and improve policies that impact care delivery.