Trimbos Institute

The Trimbos Institute is the Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction, a non-profit research and knowledge center.


Cross cutting themes

While the Trimbos Institute focuses on mental health and addiction research and implementation, researchers, development experts, and implementation specialists from Trimbos also work on other concerns in healthcare. This includes, but is not limited to, epidemiology and monitoring studies, research in health economics, the development and implementation of digital & e-health solutions, and studies and work in implementation.

Our work

Latest projects

RECOVER-E: Study visit of community mental health teams in the Netherlands
Trimbos Institute and GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord hosted a week-long health professionals training in the Netherlands from May 6-10, 2019. Present were teams from Croatia, Montenegro, and Romania, who were represented by a mix of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses and social workers.
Promoting Wellbeing, reducing Distress and Improving access to mental health care through self-help groups in Gujarat
The project Atmiyata Gujarat promotes wellbeing, reduces distress and improves access to mental health care through self-help groups and farmer’s clubs in rural Gujarat.

More projects

About the Trimbos Institute

The Trimbos Institute conducts research on issues related to mental health and addiction. The experts at the Trimbos Institute put research findings into practice to support policymakers, educators, and professionals who provide mental health and addiction services. For more information, visit the About Us page.