Trimbos staff members author or co-author yearly nearly 200 publications. These range from peer-reviewed articles in distinguished Dutch and international journals to research reports and doctoral theses. We highlight here some of the English language publications. Below this selection there is a seperate selection from reports, manuals and evaluations of the Unit International Affairs.

Product selection

  • Points of sale of tobacco products: Synthesis of scientific and practice-based knowledge on the impact of reducing the number of points of sale and restrictions on tobacco product displays. (2014) K. Monshouwer, J. Verdurmen, T. Ketelaars, M.W. van Laar. (download PDF)
  • Outpatient care and community support for persons with severe mental health problems: A comparison of national policies and systems in Denmark, England and the Netherlands. (2012) Frank van Hoof, Aafje Knispel a.o. (download PDF)
  • The Netherlands Drug Situation 2011: Report to the EMCDDA by the Reitox National Focal Point. (2012) Margriet van Laar, Guus Cruts & Andre van Gageldonk. (download PDF)
  • Netherlands National Drug Monitor: NDM Annual Report 2010. (2012) Margriet van Laar, Guus Cruts a.o. (download PDF)
  • Development of an internet-based intervention for lonely older people to improve their self-management abilities and well-being. (2010) (download the factsheet)
  • Living arrangements for people with dementia (LAD) - study. (2010) (download the factsheet)
  • Looking for meaning: A preventive life review course for older adults with depressive symptons. (2010) (download the factsheet)
  • Helping families change: The adoption of the Triple P - Positive Parenting Program in the Netherlands. (2009) Ireen de Graaf. Dissertation. (download PDF)
  • Preventing depression. (2007) Filip Smit. Dissertation. (download first pages)

Product list Unit International Affairs

  • Coffeeshops in den Niederlanden: Von Prohibition zur Regulierung. SuchtMagazin 6: 14-19. Trautmann, F. (2014).
  • Rapid Assessment Response (RAR) study: Drug use, health and systemic risks. Emthonjeni Correctional Centre, Pretoria, South Africa. Harm Reduction Journal 11:11. Dos Santos, M., Trautmann, F., Wolvaardt, G., Palakatsela, R., (2014).
  • Description and analysis of addiction governance practices - Understanding changes in governance practice. ALICE RAP Deliverable Report D14.2. Available online: Trautmann, F., Croes, E., Elzinga, E., Milhet, M., Diaz Gomez, C., Košir, M., Estrada, M./, Miller, D., Harkins, C. (due for publication 2015).
  • Evaluation of the Governmental Strategy and Action Plan 2010-2014 of Luxembourg regarding the fight against drugs and addictions.Trautmann, F., Braam, R. (2014). Utrecht, Trimbos-instituut. (download PDF)
  • Further insights into aspects of the EU illicit drugs market, Franz Trautmann et al. 2013. (download PDF
  • Rapid Assessment Response (RAR) study: Drug use and health risk report. Emthonjeni Correctional Centre, Pretoria, South Africa, 2011 (download PDF
  • Santos, M. M. L., Trautmann, F., & Kools, J. P. (2011). Rapid assessment response (RAR) study: Drug use and health risk - Pretoria, South Africa. Harm Reduction Journal, 8(14). doi:10.1186/1477-7517-8-14
  • Evaluation of the National Drug Strategy Croatia 2006-2012 (download PDF)
  • Intervision guidelines - UNODC Project Office for the Baltic States, 2010 (download PDF)
  • Evaluation of the National HIV-AIDS Action Plan 2006-2010 of Luxembourg, 2010 (download PDF)
  • Evaluation of the National Drug Action Plan 2005-2009 of Luxembourg, 2009 (download PDF)
  • A report on global illicit drugs markets 1998-2007, 2009 (download PDF or read more)
  • Evaluation of substitution maintenance treatment in Slovenia, 2007 (download PDF or read more)  
  • Evaluation of the Hungarian drug coordination structure, 2006 (download PDF
  • Evaluation of the implementation of the Hungarian national drug strategy, 2006 (download PDF
  • Prevention and reduction of health-related harm associated with drug dependence, 2006 (download PDF or read more
  • A practical guide to developing evidence-based information on drugs for the internet, 2006 (download PDF)
  • RAR Manual - Rapid assessment and response on problematic substance use among refugees, asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, 2002 (download PDF)
  • A guide for policymakers and funders to school-based drug prevention, 2003 (download PDF or read more)
  • Drug prevention advisors in schools, 2003 (download PDF or read more  
  • Making schools a healthier place - Manual on effective school-based drug prevention, 2002 (download PDF or read more)
  • Risk reduction for drug users in prisons, 2001 (download PDF part I and part II or read more)

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