Trimbos staff members author or co-author yearly nearly 200 publications. These range from peer-reviewed articles in distinguished Dutch and international journals to research reports and doctoral theses. We highlight here some of the English language publications. Below this selection there is a seperate selection from reports, manuals and evaluations of the Unit International Affairs.

Product selection

  • Outpatient care and community support for persons with severe mental health problems: A comparison of national policies and systems in Denmark, England and the Netherlands. (2012) Frank van Hoof, Aafje Knispel a.o. (download PDF)
  • The Netherlands Drug Situation 2011: Report to the EMCDDA by the Reitox National Focal Point. (2012) Margriet van Laar, Guus Cruts & Andre van Gageldonk. (download PDF)
  • Netherlands National Drug Monitor: NDM Annual Report 2010. (2012) Margriet van Laar, Guus Cruts a.o. (download PDF)
  • Development of an internet-based intervention for lonely older people to improve their self-management abilities and well-being. (2010) (download the factsheet)
  • Living arrangements for people with dementia (LAD) - study. (2010) (download the factsheet)
  • Looking for meaning: A preventive life review course for older adults with depressive symptons. (2010) (download the factsheet)
  • Helping families change: The adoption of the Triple P - Positive Parenting Program in the Netherlands. (2009) Ireen de Graaf. Dissertation. (download PDF)
  • Preventing depression. (2007) Filip Smit. Dissertation. (download first pages)

Product list Unit International Affairs

  • Further insights into aspects of the EU illicit drugs market, 2013 (download PDF
  • Rapid Assessment Response (RAR) study: Drug use and health risk report. Emthonjeni Correctional Centre, Pretoria, South Africa, 2011 (download PDF
  • Santos, M. M. L., Trautmann, F., & Kools, J. P. (2011). Rapid assessment response (RAR) study: Drug use and health risk - Pretoria, South Africa. Harm Reduction Journal, 8(14). doi:10.1186/1477-7517-8-14
  • Evaluation of the National Drug Strategy Croatia 2006-2012 (download PDF)
  • Intervision guidelines - UNODC Project Office for the Baltic States, 2010 (download PDF)
  • Evaluation of the National HIV-AIDS Action Plan 2006-2010 of Luxembourg, 2010 (download PDF)
  • Evaluation of the National Drug Action Plan 2005-2009 of Luxembourg, 2009 (download PDF)
  • A report on global illicit drugs markets 1998-2007, 2009 (download PDF or read more)
  • Evaluation of substitution maintenance treatment in Slovenia, 2007 (download PDF or read more)  
  • Evaluation of the Hungarian drug coordination structure, 2006 (download PDF
  • Evaluation of the implementation of the Hungarian national drug strategy, 2006 (download PDF
  • Prevention and reduction of health-related harm associated with drug dependence, 2006 (download PDF or read more
  • A practical guide to developing evidence-based information on drugs for the internet, 2006 (download PDF)
  • RAR Manual - Rapid assessment and response on problematic substance use among refugees, asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, 2002 (download PDF)
  • A guide for policymakers and funders to school-based drug prevention, 2003 (download PDF or read more)
  • Drug prevention advisors in schools, 2003 (download PDF or read more  
  • Making schools a healthier place - Manual on effective school-based drug prevention, 2002 (download PDF or read more)
  • Risk reduction for drug users in prisons, 2001 (download PDF part I and part II or read more)

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