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Prevention - better than cure

By prevention in mental health care we mean: our activities from the health care field for prevention or early detection of serious mental health problems. In the field of addiction, we take measures to avoid substance use, postpone the first instances of stimulant use, decrease stimulant consumption, and prevent problem use.

A selection of projects and other activities:

  • Alcohol Information www.alcoholinfo.nl  & Drug Information www.drugsinfo.nl 
    Important channels for public information and centralization of up-to-date knowledge on alcohol and drugs.
  • The Healthy School and Stimulants
    Prevention programme on alcohol, smoking and drugs for primary and secondary schools.
  • KOPP/KVO – Prevention for children of parents with psychological or addiction problems
    Broad range of courses and interventions through mental health services, both on location and on-line, aimed at children of parents with mental health and/or addiction problems. There is also a dedicated programme for the parents.
  • I.COM - Innovation Centre of Mental Health & Technology
    Thanks to the internet, more people with mental problems can be helped effectively. This applies especially to people with minor complaints. I.COM aims to improve the quality and accessibility of care through the use of e-mental health.
  • Public Mental Health
    Provides an outline of interventions that have proven effective, develops standards for new treatment methods, investigates what is effective and sees to the implementation of these programmes.
  • Mental Vitality
    Only 4000 people can be reached with existing depression prevention projects every year, while no less than 737,000 people feel downcast and run the risk of developing depression. In order to reach more people, the Trimbos Institute started the programme Mentaal Vitaal: Innovation Programme on Depression Prevention. With convenient portals on mental health, easily accessible websites and an online fitness module designed to reach more people. 

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