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Reintegration - the client is a person first and foremost

People with psychological or addiction problems often struggle with prejudices and stigma. The Trimbos Institute believes that people with a psychological or addiction problem should have the opportunity to live a normal life. Through practice-based research, development and rehabilitation projects and knowledge transfer we contribute to improve the image and role of people with mental health problems or addiction problems in society. Themes within reintegration are: community mental health, assertive community treatment, vocational rehabilitation, supported employment, shared decision making, recovery oriented care and inclusion.

Projects and other activities:

  • Strategy Plan for Social Relief Monitor
    In 2006, the Strategy Plan for Social Relief was adopted. The Strategy Plan was meant to improve the situation of the 10,150 homeless people in the four largest cities (G4) in The Netherlands: Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. The plan was based on two pillars: a person-oriented approach and a sound chain cooperation between all parties and institutions involved. The principal objectives were to formulate individualized care plans and to provide each eligible homeless person with an income, suitable accommodation and effective support and (mental) health care. The Trimbos Institute monitors and reports each year about the progress achieved.
    At the moment, the Strategy Plan has been extended to 39 central municipalities in The Netherlands. 2010 marks the transition to the second phase of the plan, in which the prevention of homelessness is one of the central issues. 
  • Towards Recovery, Empowerment and Experiential expertise
    Towards Recovery, Empowerment and Experiential expertise (TREE) offers effective self-help methods and strategies for the mentally vulnerable. The TREE team consists of approximately 60 hands-on experts transferring their knowledge to others in order to prevent the marginalisation of people with mental limitations and help their empowerment.
    In 2012, the TREE team produced the documentary Gekkenwerk (Mad pride) about psychiatry and the position and treatment of the psychiatric patient. The documentary will be subtitled in English.

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