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Quality and organisation of care

Quality and organisation of care - Care can always be improved

The Trimbos Institute aims to improve the quality of mental health care and addiction care by translating knowledge into practice. This through de development of programmes and guidelines, with attention to client participation. We offer support with the implementation and evaluation.

Projects and other activities:

  • GGz Trend Report
    Annual overview of changes in the organisation, structure and financing of the mental health care institutions. Also provides information about access to care, use of care and developments in the field of quality and effectiveness of care.
  • CQ Index
    Measures clients’ experiences with mental health care, for instance the short-term outpatient mental health care services. The CQ Index replaces the Client Valuation Thermometer.
  • MEMO – National Monitor of Elderly Mental Health Care
    Annual overview of quality and effectiveness of mental health care for older people.


Care for young people is continually in development and an important topic on the agenda. Social developments generate new issues in the field of parenting, care and education. As a knowledge institute the Trimbos Institute aims to make a relevant contribution to the development of high-quality care for young people.
A selection from the supply for this group:

  • e-mental health projects stayinlove.nl, kopstoring.nl and gripopjedip.nl,
  • research into the effectiveness of the educational programme Triple P,
  • The Healthy School and Stimulants,
  • monitor Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC),
  • Dutch National School Survey on substance use.

Older people

Knowledge development for the improvement of mental health care for older people and the translation of knowledge into policy and practice of care: these are the objectives of the Programme on Ageing. It's core themes are: dementia, depression and anxiety, chronic psychiatry and monitoring, and development of measuring tools.
Examples of projects are:

  • www.dementiedebaas.nl
  • monitor Woonvormen Dementie, on residential facilities for people with dementia,
  • course Op zoek naar zin (Searching for meaning), palliative terminal care in mental health care,
  • development of a global positioning system (GPS) for people with dementia. 

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