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International cooperation

International cooperation - Sharing knowledge makes borders fade

Sharing and exchanging knowledge. These are the common denominators of the international projects and collaborations of the Trimbos Institute. As a partner of the World Health Organisation (WHO), we contribute to the international distribution of knowledge about mental health care.

International projects:

  • ALICE RAP (Addictions and Lifestyles in Contemporary Europe Reframing Addictions Project) is a new dynamic trans-disciplinary EU project which aim is to help policy makers “rethink and re-shape” current and future approaches to the huge human and economic costs of addictions and lifestyles in Europe. https://sites.google.com/site/alicerapproject/
  • Analysis of the EU Illicit Drugs Market (a follow-up of the 2007 call of DG JLS for a 'Detailed analysis of the operation of the world market in illicit drugs and of policy measures to curtail it'.) focuses on the EU drugs market. A more in-depth analysis and understanding of various features of the EU illicit drugs market are seen as vital for a better understanding of the drugs problem and possible ways to tackle it.
  • Rapid Assessment and Response in Prisons in South Africa contribute to the improvement of the social and health situation of inmates in South African prisons
  • Harm Reduction in the Turkish prisons has the aim to develop harm reduction programmes and practices in prisons and lay a foundation for drug addiction treatment programmes in prisons in Turkey.
  • Correlation II -  European Network Social Inclusion and Health has to tackle health inequalities in Europe and improve prevention, care and treatment services, targeting blood-borne infectious diseases (BBID), in particular Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS among vulnerable and high risk populations (e.g. drug users and young people at risk). http://www.correlation-net.org/
  • Community-based drug prevention in Kosovo has the objective was to strengthen community-based drug prevention and intervention activities for young people in Kosovo
  • ICASA: International Collaboration on ADHD and Substance Abuse. This international network of ADHD and addiction experts works on several studies for earlier detection and treatment of the combination ADHD and addiction.
  • Health Behavior of School-aged Children (HBSC) study. A WHO collaborative cross-national study. The organisations participating on behalf of the Netherlands are the University of Utrecht, the Trimbos Institute and the Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP). In 2009/10 the Netherlands participated for the third time in this four-yearly study. The latest report is published in 2012. (Download pdf)
  • WHO: international dissemination of e-mental health.

More international projects

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