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Trimbos takes part in Central Asia Drug Action Programme, 2015–2018

20 May 2015 - The Trimbos Institute plans to support governments in Central Asian countries as they review and overhaul their current drug strategies, action plans and drug control legislation. The project will avail itself of methods that have proved effective within the European Union, which conform to international standards and which are responsive to the needs of each respective country. lees verder

Importance of social safety resources for informal carers

18 May 2015 - Informal carers who have limited resources for social safety – including those without paid employment, without a partner or with little perceived social support – are at greater risk of having mood or anxiety disorders than other informal carers. lees verder

Careful implementation of assertive community treatment model is essential

18 May 2015 - People with severe mental illness deserve high-quality treatment, care and support as they cope with their illness and their day-to-day activities. This can help them lead their lives as independently as possible. An appropriate model of care organisation for this client group will ensure intensive, multidisciplinary care and treatment, based on a team approach and shared team responsibility. lees verder

Practice guideline compliance effectively improved after tailored interventions in implementation process

11 May 2015 - GP compliance with guideline recommendations for anxiety and depression can be significantly improved by intervening in the guideline implementation process in ways specifically targeted at the local setting. Such ‘tailored implementation interventions’ result in better compliance than the delivery of guideline training and feedback alone. lees verder

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