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WHO Collaborating Centre

The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated the Trimbos Institute as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Dissemination of good practices in mental health.

A WHO collaborating centre is part of an inter-institutional collaborative network set up by WHO in support of its programme at all levels and it is an extended and integral arm of WHO's capacity to implement its mandated work.

As a WHO collaborating centre, the Trimbos Institute will:

  • Support the Mental Health Programme of WHO in generating and disseminating good practices and evidence in mental health.
  • Coordinate leadership practices, their benefits and their transferability in the areas of mental health promotion, prevention, and social inclusion.
  • Facilitate dissemination of good practice and evidence and the exchange and sharing of knowledge and best practice by connecting organizations and individuals, locally and globally, as a means to the sharing of knowledge.

The WHO collaborating centres are an essential and cost-effective cooperation mechanism, in which selected institutions are recognized by WHO to assist the organization in achieving its planned strategic objectives at regional and global levels, enhancing the scientific validity of its global health work, and developing and strengthening institutional capacity in countries and regions.

For more information you can contact Ionela Petrea, ipetrea@trimbos.nl

Read here more information on WHO Collaborating Centres.

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