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The Trimbos Institute conducts research on mental health, mental resilience and addiction. We put our research findings into practice in support of professionals who provide mental health and addiction services. We are at the forefront when it comes to digitising knowledge development, disseminating information and expertise, and expanding the availability of help services through the internet.

What we do

We provide numerous services to support the daily work of professionals in the mental health and addiction fields. For their clients as well as for the general public, we make available a full range of information on mental illness, addiction, recreational drugs and alcohol.

In more specific terms, we: 

  • develop new treatment methods, formulate treatment guidelines and design programmes for mental health promotion and the prevention of illness
  • detect and monitor mental health and substance use problems in society
  • analyse and evaluate the organisation, accessibility, quality and effectiveness of services in the mental health and addiction sectors
  • inform the policymaking, political and professional communities about the mental health of the Dutch population
  • develop information and training courses for professionals in mental health and addiction
  • provide education on mental health, substance use and addiction
  • organise nationwide health promotion and disease prevention campaigns.

From monitoring to organisational development

The Trimbos Institute works according to the disease management model. That means we are active in all fields of practice and throughout every continuum of care. Our services range from monitoring, prevention, treatment and reintegration to the quality and organisation of care. 

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