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Working at the Trimbos Institute means creating new knowledge and expertise and applying it in policy and practice in the mental health care, social care and addiction care.

Our work is structured into three research centres:

  • Drug Monitoring, Epidemiology and International Drug Policy
  • Youth
  • Adults

These are supported by a full range of ancillary services. The Trimbos Institute does not have patients, clients or residents in treatment.

Organisational culture

The Trimbos Institute employs about 200 people. More than half of these represent different disciplines in changing project teams. Our multidisciplinary approach encourages innovative thinking and research versatility. Our culture is informal and offers considerable room for individual initiative.


In addition to their strong subject-specific knowledge and skills, our staff members are expected to have the following attributes:

  • results orientation 
  • team spirit 
  • integrity
  • quality consciousness

Where to find us

The Trimbos Institute is situated close to Utrecht Central Station and is easy to reach by public transport and by car.

Route description.

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