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About Trimbos

The Trimbos Institute seeks to enhance quality of life by engaging in the development and application of knowledge about mental health, addiction and associated physical illnesses.

The activities of the Institute are intended to contribute to and facilitate changes in mental health and addiction care in order to elicit individual health gains within the Dutch population, promote more effective treatment methods and provide models for more efficient care.

With a focus on knowledge sharing, the Trimbos Institute aims to undertake evidence-based activities which are  innovative and can be implemented in professional settings. 

The Trimbos Institute is organised in a number of programmes, each of which focuses on a specific area. Output typically includes research reports, articles in peer-reviewed journals, new interventions and implementation strategies, policy evaluations and recommendations, monitoring reports, seminars, conferences and training programmes.

Read or download the Trimbos brochure. 

If you want to receive a copy of the brochure please sent an e-mail to bestel@trimbos.nl

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